Monday, February 25, 2008

Sustainability – What does it mean?

Written by Ed Nichols (Skanda), co-founder

Holy cow! Am I the only one who’s blown away with how much talk I hear of sustainability? Words like recyclable, compostable, and sustainabily have become serious buzzwords. How awesome is that? Have you ever wondered what sustainability is really about?

If you look the word up, sustainability in the general context is about the degree to which a given system can maintain productivity for an indefinite amount of time. Such a cool concept, eh? Makes me think of things like cold fusion and perpetual motion magnetic motors. Perhaps it’s idealistic optimism but I really think we’re starting to figure some things out. I just saw something the other day about a newly invented paint that somehow cleans polluted air and yet another paint technology which uses nano-solar cells to produce solar energy from sufaces. Imagine combing these two technologies… Producing energy and cleaning the air via the paint on the walls and roofs of our buildings and roads! It’s going to be fun and fascinating to see how innovations like these are applied and integrated into our everyday lives.

* The industrial age was certainly an important era in human evolution but I think the sustainable age will be downright blissful! Here’s to balance, harmony, love, compassion, acceptance, peace and effortlessness power!

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