Friday, February 1, 2008

Athlete Profile: Rob Machado

Rob has been a fan since we first brought açai to the US back in 2000. He's one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet, environmentally conscious (w/ his own organic lines coming out w/ Reef and Hurley), a dedicated father, musician and arguably the most stylish surfer on the planet.

If you get a chance to see "Surf's Up" this summer Rob (along w/ good friend Kelly Slater) got casted as one of the animated penuins and helped the filmakers make sure the animation was all legit.

We're proud to have him as one of our brand ambassadors. Rob claims Sambazon products "are the real deal" and if you know Rob you know that's saying alot. Besides winning the Pipe Masters and multiple US Opens, last month he led Team USA in in the X-games where they won the gold medal- Congrats! Rob loves to blend up bowls for his girls at home and his favorite smoothie is the Supergeens Revolution.

Thanks for all the support brother!

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