Monday, January 24, 2011

Sambazon's New Warrior of Change!

Congrats to Joe Chisholm of Waves of Action, you are our newest Warrior of Change. And with that comes $10,000 and the responsibility to make the world a better place - a happier, more sustainable, and more knowledgeable one.

Through Waves of Action, Joe will help to bring awareness and catalyze action among the youth for environmental issues affecting our oceanic environment and cetaceans (whales, porpoises and dolphins). Waves of Action will engage students around the world to make their own films about environmental issues of their choice. Joe, we look forward to seeing the film tour the world and watching your movement grow.

To everyone else, thanks for participating, voting, submitting, listening. And stay tuned to this blog, we’ll have updates from Joe as he goes on his voyage of oceanic welfare.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Game Changer Smoothie

I’ve always been into starting the day with a good breakfast and I used to think a smoothie made with some orange juice, a banana, maybe some frozen berries and some cheap whey protein got the job done. But then we discovered açaí in Brazil and I started learning about all these other organic superfood ingredients I could throw into my Vitamix blender - it was a complete game changer. We live in a day and age where we have access to so many amazing foods, so as we start a new year I encourage you to find some smoothie recipes that make you feel amazing. Here’s one of my favorites that packs some serious nutrition.


I start with half a banana and some organic chocolate hemp milk from my friends at Manitoba Harvest (hemp is rich in Omega 3s and it tastes better, especially the chocolate, and is nutritionally superior to soy). Then I throw in a pack of our Pure Fuzion Açaí, it’s just pure açaí and acerola (which has 10x the vitamin C of OJ), and add another Original Açaí Smoothie Pack, because I’m a 2 pack-a-day kinda guy. Lastly the extras: Amazing Grass Organic Supergreens, Organic maca powder (some say it makes you “strong like bull”), Manitoba Hemp Protein Powder (I like to have about 10g vegan based protein in the morning). Top it all off with some organic honey I get at my local farmers market (sweeten to taste).


1/2 Banana
1 Sambazon Pure Fuzion Smoothie Pack
1 Sambazon Original Smoothie Pack
1 Cup of Chocolate Hemp Bliss
1 Tbsp Amazing Grass Superfood powder
2 Tbsp Manitoba Hemp Protein Powder
1 Tsp Maca powder
A drizzle of honey (to taste)

Enjoy and we’d love to hear what’s in your morning smoothie, so share your favorite recipes with us on our Facebook page.

Purple Smiles,
Jeremy Black, Chief Brand Officer

Glycemic Index vs Load? What is Low Glycemic?

The glycemic index (GI) is a ranking of carbohydrates foods (on a scale from 0 to 100) based on their effect on blood glucose levels after ingestion; low-GI foods are foods with a lesser glycemic effect meaning that they don’t raise blood sugar levels as high following consumption; high-GI foods are those with a greater glycemic effect (1). Foods with a high GI are those whose sugar is rapidly digested and absorbed resulting in marked fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Because low-GI foods produce more gradual rises in blood sugar and insulin levels they are perceived to be healthier for routine consumption. (2,3)

One issue that arose with the GI originally was that it did not account for proper portions. As a result, researchers refined the GI to develop the Glycemic Load which is a ranking system for carbohydrate content in food portions based on their glycemic index. A food's glycemic load is determined by multiplying its glycemic index by the amount of carbohydrate it contains. Glycemic load combines both the quality and quantity of carbohydrate in one ‘number’. It’s the best way to predict blood glucose values of different types and amounts of food.

There are several factors that affect how quickly sugar will enter the bloodstream:

1) the food form
2) the presence and quantity of fiber
3) the presence of added sugar or sweetener, and
4) the presence of fat.

In the case of organic fruit juice, the presence of fiber and healthy fat, as is in the acai berry, will help to reduce the glycemic index of the juice compared to a fruit that doesn’t contain either of these, such as most apple or orange juices.

Written by Ashley Koff RD,

Learn why Sambazon's Original Juice is low glycemic here.

1. DeBruyne, L. K., Pinna, K., Whitney, E. (2008). Nutrition and Diet Therapy: Principles and Practice (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.
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