Friday, February 1, 2008

Skanda Blog #1 – What makes a great company, Part 1?

With our day to day work continually evolving towards greater complexity, it’s easy to loose sight of our original guiding principals. I’d like to take a moment to reflect upon and explore the concept of Vision.

Sambazon was born of a sincere passion to share what we considered to be a true gift of nature. In our case this “gift of nature” was an exotic Brazilian palm fruit called Acai. This passion evolved from a simple passion to share our love of a special fruit into a vision to commercialize the fruit, utilizing it as a vehicle to drive preservation while providing the American consumer with a potent source of nutritional attributes to aid the preservation and sustainability of their own wellbeing.

The importance of Vision – We’re all blessed with great ideas from time to time. How many times in your life do you have “Ah-ha” moments, those great epiphanies, and moments of intense clarity? What prevents us from manifesting/actualizing these visions? A great yogi once explained to me that a visionary is simply “one who nurtures his/her vision”. Yogis strengthen their ability to visualize through specific visualization exercises and meditate to surrender their subconscious’ preoccupations to create an inner state of receptiveness.

It seems like every day science and the self-help community awakens a bit more to what is really a very simple concept: Energy follows consciousness and consciousness follows energy. In other words, re-occurring thoughts eventually lead to action, actions repeated become patterns, patterns become habits and the sum of all our patterns and habits become our character. To put it even more simply, what happens in our life happens first in our head.

So how do we prevent great ideas from falling to the wayside? Nurture your vision! See it from every angle. Experience your vision with all your senses. When your vision is firmly rooted in your consciousness, the energies necessary to manifest it will align in front of you. Not such a different concept to a law of nature which most question little, I.e., for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In closing, I’d like to leave you with a practical affirmation to support you in your practice to nurture your own visions: “if you don’t give up, you’re bound to succeed”.

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