Monday, February 23, 2009

Rochelle Ballard’s Sunset Smoothie

Check out our visit with Rochelle at her amazing home right on Sunset Beach, and see how she makes her morning Açaí Smoothie.

Friday, February 20, 2009

By Hans Rey (Mountain Bike Freeride Pioneer, Trials World Champion, Founder of Wheels 4 Life)

The big news is that I got married to Carmen in November and that I also received my US citizenship in October. Despite my broken leg (Feb. 08) I had a fantastic and busy year. The highlights were my adventures and work for my charity ‘Wheels 4 Life’ in Tanzania.

I ended the year with a skiing trip in Livigno in the Italian Alps, not only a great place for skiing, but really good for biking in the summertime. I spent the Holidays with my new family in England. I even competed in a moto-trials event and got nice rides in, even though the weather was quite cold and miserable.

When I’m on the road I usually bring some açaí powder, but this time I just brought a whole box of frozen açaí smoothie packs, couldn’t bear the thought of being cut off for too long from my homemade smoothie creations. My latest ingredients discoveries include canned leeches fruit, they taste so good with soymilk, banana and CLIF Vanilla Protein powder.

Today I added the CLIF electrolyte replacement drink powder (cran – razz flavor), its awesome, and when I’m hungry in the mornings I just add cereal to the blender or on top of my bowl. Try it and stay tuned.

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