Monday, February 11, 2008

What makes a great company, Part 2?

Written by Ed Nichols (Skanda), co-founder

We all experience inspiration from time to time. Be it from reading about the stories of others successes or simply observing small acts of selflessness amongst our fellow man. In continuing our exploration of what makes a great company great, I’d like to explore the concept of inspiration and aspiration.

During our maiden trip to Brasil in the month of December in the year 2000, we were overwhelmed with Brasil’s richness of spirit. The people, the food, the lifestyle were all so deeply laden with a deep sense of passion. Brasil’s richness of spirit inspired us more and more deeply as our month long vacation unfolded.

How does inspiration work? Anything which awakens our heart and instills passion and motivation to evolve and grow.

What is aspiration? The resulting longing of the soul towards something greater as a result of inspiration.

Some related words and subjective elaborations born of direct experience are offered for further contemplation of this blog’s primary topic of inspiration/aspiration:
  • Dharma – The practical manner in which one’s aspirations take shape. The path one takes as a result of their aspiration.
  • Karma Yoga – When ones’ work is motivated by a sincere aspiration and is exercised in a spirit of selfless service.
  • Miracles – It has been said that when your aspirations transcend selfish motivations and align with nature’s own flow, they cease to be illusive and happen spontaneously.

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Miss Tiffany Phan said...

Your company is very inspirational!
I love reading about how it has grown and spreading!