Monday, December 21, 2009

Sambazon is a dream come true...

"I am a professional big wave surfer from Brasil and I spend my time between Bahia in the northeast of Brasil and Hawaii. When the waves are small, I farm cacao beans, cattle, milk and I am just starting to plant some açaí.

When I first moved to Hawaii from Brasil 15 years ago, I always dreamed of having açaí there. Hawaii has a healthy sports vibe and without açaí being a part of daily nutrition here, that vibe was incomplete.

Finally, Sambazon showed up and brought açaí to the Hawaiian paradise. As a Sambazon sponsored athlete, I am blessed to be part of this team. When I was a boy in Brasil I had açaí everyday, now being able to have pounds of açaí in my fridge is the best thing in the world. My 5 year old daughter just loves it and I am thrilled to be able to share it with her. I am also very proud to represent such a special company who brings this organic amazing fruit from my home country and the positive, healthy, green and Brasilian vibe that Sambazon is all about."

-written by Danilo Couto

Monday, December 14, 2009

Have Questions About Sambazon? Jenn’s Got Answers.

“Hi, Good Morning, Sambazon….” That’s me you hear on the line when you call Sambazon.

While I have only been working for Sambazon a little over 6 months, I have been providing customer service, either on a sales floor or on the phone, for over 17 years. Something I have discovered over the years is the best “on the job training” is to listen and learn from customers’ questions. Sambazon is no different. I came into this position a relative açaí “newbie” so I have had to learn a lot about Sambazon and açaí. Finding answers to customers’ questions has been a big part of this experience. Here are few of the most popular questions and answers…..

Where can I find your product in my area?
Visit our website ( and click the Retailer tab. Customers can enter their zip code as well as the product they are looking for and find a retailer close to them.

I love your product! How much should I eat on a daily basis? Can one ever consume too much açaí?
Açaí is a very nutritious, potent fruit and we encourage our consumers to eat as much acai as their body craves. While there is no USDA guideline on how much acai one should consume in a day, at the office we love how we feel when we eat at least
one serving (sometimes two!) of açaí each day. All Sambazon products, with the exception of our energy drinks, provide 1 to 2 servings of fruit.

Can Açaí help me lose weight?
While the perception that acai promotes weight loss has been created by internet scams touting free trials of açaí supplements, that is not what açaí is all about. Açaí is an incredibly healthy fruit that delivers powerful antioxidants and healthy omegas. And, as part of a healthy active lifestyle, acai can support positive health results.

Where is the expiration date located on your bottled juices?
Locate the Nutrition facts panel on the bottle. The expiration, or “Best By” date, is stamped in black along the seam. We are aware it can be hard to read and have recently started using a much easier to read stamp which you should see on our bottles in the near future.

I enjoy hearing from our customers. So, keep the feedback and questions coming!

Jenn Bonura – Customer Service