Monday, March 3, 2008

Blog #1 ala Stroup

I’ve decided to take some time to reflect on how far Sambazon has come since I’ve been with the company. March 2008 will be my two year anniversary. Two years of hitting the mean streets of LA County and beyond.

March 2006: Sambazon was on the cusp of a new era in sales. Conventional markets such as Vons/Pavilions, Albertsons and Stater Brothers were just around the corner. We were about to make the big jump from the natural foods world to the mainstream market most of the US frequents. Augh...explaining ACAI, organic and omegas to the masses. This was not going to be an easy one.

We came onto the Vons/Pavilions scene with a bang. Straight into the produce department, nudged between Odwalla and Naked. Not too shabby for the new guys on the block. Then the demos began. (This is where it gets good.) The questions I’ve heard have never ceased to amaze or entertain me. “Is there chocolate in there? Why is it so dark?” INSERT BERRY EXPLINATION. “Oh. So it’s made from blueberries?” No, the berry is actually purple and 98% seed. They’re about the size of a blueberry but grow on palm trees in the Amazon. “So they’re blueberries from the Amazon?”

2007: We launched in Albertsons and Bristol Farms in Southern California. Both have embraced us with open arms. The Acai buzz is spreading and stores want what we’ve got-the best Acai on the market. Our growth has been amazing this year. March 2006, I oversaw approximately 24 accounts. Today it’s 188 accounts! Throughout all this growth, we’ve managed to stick to our roots as a fair trade, sustainable, organic company. Something to be proud of!

On a personal level, I’ve listened to every cd and tape I own and now have ventured into the world of talk radio. Next is books on tape. Maybe even a foreign language cd. My car is my mobile office and second home at times. As we keep growing, I keep going.

So cheers to 2008 and the adventure that awaits us all. Cheers to the group of amazingly dedicated people who work for this company all of the way from Brazil to the US. We are putting the vision to reality!!

"In this great future you can’t forget your past." - Bob Marley

- written by Jennifer Stroup (Southern California Sales Manager)

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