Thursday, April 24, 2008

#7 Bottles, BPA, Recycling and the Man

Written by Jeremy Black, VP of Marketing

In the last week there's been a lot of press about a chemical found in some plastics called BPA (Bisphenol A). This chemical has been found to contribute to hormone disruption and a host of other things. It's commonly found in Nalgene Sport bottles and some other hard plastic bottles (like baby bottles so check yours out). It's a good thing they are bringing this to light and hopefully they'll do the same with other things like all the artificial sweeteners people are drinking in diet drinks these days!

But there's a lot of confusion about what products have BPA and what don't and to our horror there was a so-called "expert" on the Today Show who said "Avoid all #7 bottles"... well, that really sucks, because our bottles have a #7 on them and DO NOT contain any BPA.

The #2, #6, #7 symbols you find on the bottom of bottles is very antiquated like many other government systems. Our #7 bottles are so state of the art (containing a special barrier that helps preserve freshness) that they don't have a way to classify them, so they get a #7.

Same goes with Recycling, many people believe that #7 bottles cannot be
recycled and that's not always true. If you notice on our bottle we've now got a "#2 compatible" stamp on them- this is something we had to petition and pay the manufacturer to start printing for us so people understand that they can and should be recycled like any other #2 bottle.

It's crazy what an irresponsible statement made by a so-called "expert" can do to a young company like ours trying to promote healthy organic products. You'd think the guy might be working for THE MAN. In the last week we've gotten tons of email and phone calls from concerned customers, one who actually threw the bottles in the trash and wanted a refund! After this simple explanation, everyone is very happy to hear we don't have BPA in our products and they can continue to enjoy Sambazon Açaí Products. So please help us out here, pass it on that Sambazon bottles are 100% Safe, 100% Recyclable, and 100% Delicious.

Blessings Always-

Jeremy Black

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