Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bowl is the Goal

Written by Matthew Lau, National Sales Manager - Foodservice

What do I mean by the bowl is the goal? The infamous Açaí bowl is what people fall in love with when the travel to Brasil. Sambazon originally was founded to bring this prized meal to the masses. It can be made with the basic recipe (2 packs Original, 1/3 banana, 4oz Apple or Soy...blended thick with granola and banana on top) or you can add other fruits, juices, toppings etc. My favorite bowl these days is 2 packs Pure, 4oz Vanilla Hemp, 1 tsp. honey, 1 tsp maple syrup, 1/3 banana...blend thick and top with granola, banana, hemp seed, and coconut. There is no better way to start the day!

I have worked for many great brand leaders in my career, but Sambazon takes social responsibility, positive work environment, and environmental awareness to a new level. There is a huge sense of pride working for a company that has a goal to save the most precious natural resource on earth (Brasilian Rainforest) and also stands behind some of the original motivations to give back to the land, Brasilian people, and overall humanity.

My days are spent doing reports, filling out endless paperwork and trying to keep up with all the sales leads that get passed my way or are acquired at the countless tradeshows. But what I enjoy most is talking to a sole-proprietor wanting to launch Açaí and helping them through the process' of recipes, point of sale, and promotion. The true reward comes when that owner calls back 1 month later and says something like "My juice bar is over flowing with people needing their Açaí bowl. Thank you for helping me transform my business. People are truly addicted to having their bowl everyday just like you said."

Keep loving, relaxing, breathing, absorbing, giving, and eating bowls and bowls of Açaí!!!

- Matt

Picture: Serving bowls at 4,000ft on Mt Hood (Oregon).

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