Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seattle shows it's true colors

On the road home from Bumbershoot I started thinking, it’s funny how things work out sometimes. Like rain and weather and waterproof jackets. Like Seattle’s biggest Music Festival Bumbershoot and the perfect three day storm. And seriously, it was perfectly unfortunate. Sunny and warm for setup day, pouring and cold for day 1,2 and 3, and clear for packout, sunny the next morning.

As you all know, açaí juices, smoothies, bowls are all cold refreshing nourishing goodness, but in the middle of a winter storm, that just happens to arrive in the middle of summer, sometimes, you tend to stay away from cold. But not for Seattleites. One thing I learned this weekend, is that throughout the rain, the cold, and the muddy grounds, Seattleites just push on like they don’t care, like the rain isn’t even there. Soaked to the bone they still seek out the healthy goodness that Sambazon has to offer and will jump at a frozen açaí bowl over hot steamy fried festival food any day.

So thank you Seattle for all your love, for buying us out of product in the middle of the cold, and for all the great music. We’ll be back next year, that’s for sure.

Power to the purple,

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