Monday, September 28, 2009

Sambazon Supports Surfers For Autism

On September 19th Surfers For Autism, a non-profit group designed to support the efforts of a collaboration of surfers, volunteers and sponsors dedicated to bringing the sport of surfing to families and children affected by autism set up an event at Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa Beach, FL. Sambazon’s east coast road warrior Toby Taylor was there providing kids and adults with Sambazon açaí juices and smoothies. Here are his words that recap the feeling of this event...pretty powerful stuff:

When I got to the Beach early to set-up, the waves were perfect size for the kids. It was going to be a great day of Healing for all of us. Our Souls and hearts were touched. Something special was in the air, all the sponsors, instructors and volunteers were stoked and full of energy. Then the kids came, some were a bit anxious and didn’t know what to expect. But once they got in the water the healing stoke was everywhere, these kids started to smile, and they smiled the whole day, walking the beach and trying to communicate. Some would talk and others would just give you a big smile, we all connected that day on the beach. When you’re in the water all the problems of the day just seem to go away for awhile and you’re a kid again. When the kids were in the water you felt something special in the salt air. It was one of the greatest Surf sessions I’ve had in a long time.

-TT (South East Promotions Manager)

Click here to check out more photos of this event or click here to join Surfers For Autism’s facebook group.

Thanks to Surfers For Autism for inviting us to work with such an amazing group!

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