Thursday, September 10, 2009

We’re consumers too…

You know, I was just thinking… Before Sambazon, what was it that drew me to a given brand and what is it that’s kept me loyal to certain brands all the years I’ve been grocery shopping.

A couple things come to mind when I think about brands I love like Traditional Medicinals herbal heath products and New Chapter supplements. Firstly, I learned about the brands through people whom I respect greatly. Secondly, like a good friend the brands are reliable - consistently potent and effective from the day I began buying them.

Now when I look at these beloved brands through the eyes of my experience with Sambazon, I have more respect for them than ever. I’ve come to learn first-hand how incredibly challenging it is to consistently produce products of the highest quality. It takes professionalism and a high degree of organization for sure but more impressively; it takes burning passion and a truly intense commitment to manifest a vision.

Whole Foods Market has a saying, ‘vote with your dollars’. I guess the saying is pretty much self-explanatory but it’s become particularly personal to me. Now when I shop, I use my intuition to try to sense what a given brand’s motivations are, what their guiding principles are, knowing that each of my purchases has a direct effect on shaping product trends.

It’s really cool to see how the natural foods movement has exploded as savvy shoppers increasingly choose products they feel are respecting the health of themselves and their families. I have to smile each time I walk into a conventional supermarket and am able to find Traditional Medicinals’ products - Pharmacopoeial potency herbs just an isle down from sprayable cheeses… are you kidding me?

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