Friday, March 28, 2008

My First Sambazon Experience

Written by Shayne McIntyre, Team Sambazon Pro Surfer

I had bought the plain Sambazon Açaí frozen sticks at Henrys because I had noticed this psychedelic Amazon Indian staring at me from the frozen bin. Thought why not, and I liked the fact that they made a version without sugar. I then went home and mixed it in a smoothie with bananas/mangoes/honey etc... it's still my favorite way eat Sambazon.

Shannon and I are stoked to align ourselves with a company like Sambazon that pays attention to more than profits...We respect that Sambazon looks to better those in the Amazon through their various efforts in the region and abroad. It's fun to make money, it's even better when you can share the wealth.

Shayne McIntyre – Sambazonian


Shannon & Shayne McIntyre, along with their son Banyan, just started a TV show called "On Surfari" for FuelTV. They travel to crazy weird places to surf, while making it culturally/historically/politically educational, throw in some food & interaction, a joke or two, and get all personal. We at Sambazon love the show and think you will too, so check it out here.

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