Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Part 2: Ocean Minded, Surfrider and Sambazon Work Toward Cleaner Beaches!

4School 4Months, Beach cleanup #2– Another rockin' beach cleanup down at Strands beach last wednesday morning! Ocean Minded and Capo Valley High cleaned up 60 pounds of trash putting them in first place in the trash tally.

Here's some words from our friend and Ocean Minded Team Manager Frankie D’Andrea about the second beach cleanup.

Ocean Minded and Capo Valley high cleaned up Strands beach this morning during the surf teams morning practice. It was the first clean up of the month for Capo Valley and they spent 30 minutes cleaning up thousands of little pieces of sea trash brought in from the recent storms. Denise from the south Orange County Surfrider Foundation was down at the beach educating the kids on trash and where it goes when it leaves the beach. Hats off to coach Shultz who has these kids well trained already in cleaning up the beaches. In total the group picked up 60 pounds of trash in 30 minutes. This is great seeing 80 percent of the trash was the tiny little pieces that go overlooked. Thanks to Sambazon and Surfen Donuts as well for keeping us fueled for the clean up.

Just wanted to thank you all for making this happen, great day and stoked on all the support from the kids and everyone else.

-Frankie D'Andrea (Friend of Sambazon & Ocean Minded Team Manager)

Keep it Purple,
Kaia Lai - West Events Manager / SAMBAZON

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