Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ocean Minded, Surfrider and Sambazon Work Toward Cleaner Beaches!

4 Schools 4 Months – last month, we got involved in a “Clean your Beach” project with Ocean Minded and Surfrider Foundation. The idea is, four local high school surf teams in South Orange County compete to pick up the most trash during the 4 month period and the best beach cleaners win! So, from February to May, on any given morning, you’ll find 30-40 high school surfers out at their favorite break, cleaning the beach... And drinking Sambazon while doing it! We’ll have updates about each team’s progress so stay tuned as the trash tally unfolds!

Here’s some words from our friend and Ocean Minded Team Manager Frankie D’Andrea about the first beach cleanup day in late February.

4 Schools 4 Months Beach clean up with Dana Hills High was a great success.

The first beach clean up at Salt Creek with Dana Hills High surf team was a huge success. The whole team showed up at the beach early to practice for an up and coming surf contest next week and before they hit the water they had the chance to clean up their local break. Today was the first clean up of the 4 schools 4 months beach clean up program and it started off amazing. In the beginning Rick from South Orange County Surfrider educated the kids about trash at the beach and what happens to it once it leaves our beaches. In all the team cleaned up 40 pounds of trash in only 20 minutes. A huge thanks to the kids of Dana Hills High and coach Degen for having pride in their local break and cleaning up the beach. Also a huge thanks to Surfrider for the cool recycled trash sacks and to Sambazon for keeping the kids hydrated.

Until next time, keep your beach clean....
-Frankie D'Andrea (Friend of Sambazon & Ocean Minded Team Manager)

Keep it Purple,
Kaia Lai - West Events Manager / SAMBAZON

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