Monday, October 26, 2009

Sambazon Participates at Walk for Hope!

"One of the most moving events I’ve been to: The City of Hope hospital’s annual Walk for Hope in Duarte took place yesterday and gathered 10,000 people together in solidarity pledging to cure breast cancer. The four lane street was filled with participants dressed in white and pink with pink ribbons buttoned to their shirts, hats, bags. Through the morning, it because clear that each participant either was walking for someone who has breast cancer, someone who died of the disease or was suffering themselves. From the tshirts that said, in memory of my wife, my mother, my sister... to “save the ta-tas”, the day was filled with a somewhat sad yet joyful and hopeful air. Even the CEO of the hospital came out to announce the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations that they received this year toward the valiant effort they have put forth to cure Breast Cancer at their hospital. It was quite amazing to be able to hand out healthy, sustaining Sambazon juices to a crowd of such courageous and proud women and be able to support their movement."

- Written by Kaia Lai (West Coast Events Manager)

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