Tuesday, October 20, 2009

8th Annual Tim Brown Invitational Golf Tournament

Today marked the 8th annual Dr. Tim Brown Invitational Golf Tournament - the day when everyone from eco celebrities and pro golfers to surfers and industry leaders get together for a day of playfully competitive golf for a good cause, and we too were stoked to be involved. In the past, the event has raised thousands of dollars for Surfing America and likeminded organizations that Dr. Brown personally chooses. This year, however, Dr. Brown picked TACA – Talk About Curing Autism. He stood up in front of everyone today and told us why curing autism is such an important subject, how over one in 125 children born will be autistic, and how this statistic is continuously becoming more severe. This is why the resources and support that TACA provides for families dealing with an autism diagnosis is so important.

The event garnered some great support for the cause, with faces like Pro Surfer and Sambazon Ambassador Rob Machado and 11 time PGA Tour Champion John Cook along with over 100 supporters and golf aficionados.

Dr. Tim Brown, wife Hillary and John Cook grab some breakfast açaí bowls from the Sambazon Tent.

All in all, the Sambazon crew was honored to be a part of the TBIGT, such a fun and beneficial tradition. We’ll be looking forward to it again next year!

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