Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Real Deal Açaí Blog Series: Part 2 - What does Açaí do Anyways?

How quickly can I expect to start losing weight after taking açaí? What dose should I be taking? I’ve been taking açaí for a week now and I still can’t fly - What’s up with that!?!

It’s a little crazy to see how açaí is being perceived these days. Either, out of misconception or simply as an attempt to differentiate their product from others in the marketplace, companies marketing açaí products have created a lot of confusion around what açaí brings to the table.

Açaí’s most notable strength is it’s potent source of anthocyanins (powerful antioxidants- the red and blue pigments known for their anti-inflammatory and free-radical scavenging effects). But it doesn’t stop there. Açaí also contains phytosterols (plant compounds thought to provide numerous benefits to the human body, most notably the reduction of LDL blood cholesterol levels) as well as a unique micronutrient concentration which helps replenish our body’s electrolytes.

To break it down even further, açaí’s nutritionally robust macronutrient profile is: : 50% fat, 30% fiber, 15% protein and around 5% minerals/micronutrient. Like olive oil, the fat of açaí is ideal for maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels. An abundance of fiber helps support healthy cardiovascular and digestive systems. Açaí’s protein component is made up of a nice balance of essential amino acids to help build and repair tissue.

So what can we expect açaí to do for us? Can it make you loose weight? Perhaps; If your metabolism is bogged down as a result of an overabundance of refined food in your diet, açaí can certainly help stoke your furnace, similar to how the intensity of a fire increases when we put a piece of dense wood on top of fast burning tinder.

Will açaí make me look younger? Overnight… probably not. However, eating açaí regularly over time is a fantastic strategy towards helping you age gracefully and may even help you avoid diseases associated with nutritional deficiency.

You see where I’m going with this… Açaí is indeed a true gift of nature without a doubt! Consistent açaí consumption over time in conjunction with a balanced lifestyle and positive attitude WILL yield great results for any/everyone! As with all things in life, the effect is cumulative and dynamic.

Preservation of our precious Amazonian ecosystems through purchase of Sambazon Açaí yields tangible health benefits for all.

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The Real Deal Açaí Blog Series is a new posting series written by Ed Nichols nicknamed Skanda, Sambazon Co-Founder and Director of Consumer Relations. Check back every second Tuesday of the month for the latest and greatest insights from Skanda.

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Scott said...

Wow, great information. I didn't think anyone actually had any real, live information on this stuff. Everything on the web seems like hype. Thanks for the straight dope on Acai.