Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hawaii Doesn't Disapoint

Sambazon's Scott Nemeth heads to Oahu's N0rth Shore to share some Sambazon açaí just as the festivities surrounding big surf competitions, marathons and races pick up for the winter months. Keep checking back for a daily update from paradise.

Day One of our Hawaii Blitz lived up to the billing. After picking up product at Kahuna Distribution in town, I headed out to the North Shore to share some Sambazon with the worlds most elite surfers....and all of their friends...

Pipe was doing her thing heaving 10 footers over the reef inclassic Hawaiian style. The weather was perfect with blue skies and soothing sun, and the acai was much appreciated.

  1. WCT surfers Jeremy Flores and Michael Pichon go for Strawberry Samba, Dane Ward dips in to an original sorbet, and Rob Machado decides to take the whole batch back to his place!!!

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