Friday, August 29, 2008

That's Awesome.

Written by Cameron Faist, Sambazon Event Coordinator.

I have been here at Sambazon for 6 months now in the marketing department and can’t explain how happy I am to be at a company like this. As the event coordinator, I get to experience the Sambazon brand first hand. I am lucky enough to see the stoke on people’s faces when they have their first taste of the delicious purple berry. Sambazon has such a unique appeal about it that I have a few experiences with consumers that I would like to share.

This past month at X Games we were asked to cater to the athletes lounge for the 6th year in a row, something no other company has done. It was interesting to see that a fair amount of the athletes were sponsored by products that they don’t even consume. Many of those athletes came up to me in the Sambazon booth and told me they love our products and consume them all the time. Since there were no cameras allowed in the lounge they were able to eat their Sambazon Açai Bowls in peace, but if they left the lounge they had to sneak their Amazon Energy cans and Strawberry Samba smoothies out in their backpacks. One top skateboarder was even about to drink a Sambazon bottle to refuel between heats during the main event but was reminded by his manager that he had to go out of sight of the cameras and public. What a cool phenomenon: These top athletes are craving Sambazon and they are forced to drink it behind the scenes.

Back in April, Sambazon was out at Coachella Music Festival with 3 booth locations. One customer came up to me at the Camping booth and said, “I’m so stoked you guys are here, every year that I come to Coachella I only eat Sambazon for 4 days” He said eating Sambazon helped him stay hydrated, keep cool, and have sustained energy throughout the concert.

Sambazon is so much more than a brand and a drink. Its a lifestyle; a sustainable lifestyle.


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