Friday, September 5, 2008

Ubatuba Açaí Bowl by Boston Bruins' Andrew Ference

My wife and I first had açaí in Ubatuba, Brazil, a great town for surfing and relaxing in between Rio and Sao Paulo. We ate it as a snack before realizing just how healthy it was. It was a little tough to find back in Canada (6 years ago) at first but we finally found a local organic grocer who would bring it in. Now, Sambazon is a staple of our grocery trip as I have a bowl a day. My favorite way to eat it is... a couple handfuls of raspberries (or a full banana), 4 packs of frozen Sambazon Açaí, tablespoon of Flaxseed oil, scoop of Greens+, and a couple splashes of Ceres juice (any flavor but make sure it is just a little juice or it gets too watery!!) blend it all together nice and thick helping it along with a knife if needed. When it is done throw on a 1/4 cup of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds. This is about the healthiest meal/snack I can think of and it tastes awesome! I am so pumped to support a company like Sambazon who is doing business the right way, Fair Trade and organic. They are a real model of good corporate practices and they rule because they get açaí to Canada!! Enjoy!

Andrew Ference, Boston Bruins-NHL

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