Friday, August 22, 2008

My Bowl, My Life.

Written by Andre Genovesi, Pro-skater and Sambazon Ambassador,

When I was 12 years old back in Brazil I discovered a taste for this thing called açaí and I used to eat like a ice cream or a dessert and people probably thought I had major ADD, just think about it, a 12 years old after a 20 oz bowl of açaí. Today they probably still think the same – a 27 year old with a major ADD case. But the reality is I never thought that açaí would be a major part of my diet but as an atlete, açaí is something that gives me energy and strength. It’s not like a energy drink that 10 minutes after you drink it you come down and get all depressed - açaí makes me keep going and going with real energy.

Nowadays a big bowl of açaí with bananas and granola is pretty much my lunch or a late breakfast daily, which keeps me fit and motivated to skateboard, surf, ride my bike or work out. And the best part is every bowl tastes better that the one before.


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