Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Water Warriors

Pro surfer Jon Rose was on a surf trip headed to Bali in 2009 when the tragic quake hit. A couple years prior, his dad Jack Rose had started Rain Catcher, a non-profit to distribute easy and economical water catchment and filtration systems in Africa. So Jon had a few water filters on him and promptly gave them out to aid workers in Sumatra. Seeing the devastation and the need for clean water inspired Jon to create Waves4Water and grow this concept of surf community distributed clean water systems.

“The mission is simple: To get clean water to every single person who needs it.”

Since then, Waves4Water has worked on the front line to provide clean water to communities in need around the world. They have worked on a community level, making simple filtration systems available to traveling surfers to give out to people in need at their destinations, and they have worked with strategic partners such as UN forces to distribute filters in earthquake crises areas.
Here are just some of the results:

Sumatra: Earthquake relief – 250 (community & family) filters distributed = 7000 people with access to clean water.
Bali: 37 villages on impoverished East side now stabilized and drinking clean water.
Haiti: Earthquake relief – 31,000 (community & family) filters distributed = 2,100,000 people with access to clean water.
Chile: Earthquake relief – 1000 (family) filters distributed = 10,000 people with access to clean water.

Today, Jack and Jon Rose are Sambazon warriors, and continue to Warrior Up by making positive change on a massive level across the world. Learn more about how Jack and Jon Warrior Up! Or stock up on water filters to become a clean water courier on your next trip to a developing nation.

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