Monday, May 17, 2010

Sambazon Fuels the Tempe Tri Participants!

For most of us, living in 98+ degree heat 8 months out of the year sounds unfathomable (or maybe that’s just me). Well, some Arizonians happen not to actually mind it, and at the Tempe Tri this past weekend, I saw 1600 athletes actually race in it!

The Tempe Tri is all about fun. Sure you’ve got your top finishers that collapse at the finish line from the sheer physical exhaustion that comes with pushing your body to the absolute limit, but you’ve also got your Santa Clause – the guy that raced in a Santa outfit just to stoke out the world as he jogged by shouting, “racing is fun!”. There’s also everyone in between, a 13 year old prodigy athlete, a mom and daughter team, an inspirational paraplegic who finished on a special bike and an entire community of mostly local participants racing just to race or to improve a personal best.

One thing we do know, is that regardless of age, athletic ability, or acclimatization to Tempe’s incredible heat, a half-frozen Sambazon açaí juice is the absolute best thing to grab after crossing that finish line. Congrats to all Tempe Tri athletes, thanks for letting Sambazon be your icy fresh recovery drink that hot Sunday morning!

Keep it Purple,
Kaia Lai - West Events Manager / SAMBAZON

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