Friday, May 14, 2010

Featured Recipe: A Halo Above Her Head by Preston Eckman

This enticing recipe comes from Preston Eckerman, a true Sambazon fan & mixologist extraordinaire! His inspiration? The Amazon Rainforest, of course.

“The unique attraction to A Halo Above Her Head is the beverage’s exquisite layers,” says Preston. “Açaí drops symbolize açaí berries floating in a delicate mist below the forest canopy of mint leaves. In each sip, the refreshing flavors of honeydew, aloe and açaí blend together perfectly.”

After that, you can try to resist wanting to make this at home, but you’ll be happier if you just give in to your endulgant self.

Cocktail Ingredients & Recipe
1/4 of a whole lime
1oz of freshly juiced ripe honeydew
barspoon of aloe preserve
1oz Veev
.75oz Square 1 Botanical

-Lightly muddle lime in mixing glass
-add honeydew juice, aloe preserve, Veev, and Square 1
-Shake and double strain into champagne coupe
-Drop roughly 10 Purple Palm berries* into bottom of glass
-Float lightly slapped mint sprig to garnish

*Purple Palm berries
3oz Sambazon acai juice
3oz Creme Yvette
2oz lemon juice
2oz G’vine Floarison
2 gelatin sheets or 2 tsp of agar agar powder
6 oz canola oil

Directions for Purple Palm berries:
-Combine first five in sauce pan and heat until gelatin or agar agar dissolves, remove from heat and place in vessel to cool in fridge
-Put oil in freezer and chill until just before it solidifies
-Drip purple juice into oil to create small “berries”
-Strain out berries and wash thoroughly with water when needed
-Otherwise store in oil

Huge thanks to Preston for sharing this recipe with us!!!

Pamela Kotsaftis - East Events Manager / SAMBAZON

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