Friday, April 9, 2010

Sambazon On The Set of "Soul Surfer" the Story of Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton, pro surfer and Sambazon Ambassador, takes her inspiring life story to Hollywood in “Soul Surfer.” After an almost fatal shark bite, Bethany came back to the ocean and to surfing and is once again competing against the world’s best surfers. “Soul Surfer” is a tale of Bethany and how she uses her past to inspire people around the world.

Just recently halfway through filming, Bethany asked Sambazon, one of her favorite supporters, to come out to the set and help keep everybody energized and rejuvenated. Sambazon was on the set everyday and supplied smoothies, sorbet and açaí bowls to all that grew weary in the hot sun of the North Shore. Coolers were constantly refilled only to have actresses such as Helen Hunt asking how she could get more! Once people started feeling the uplifting benefits and tasting the delicious flavor of açaí, Sambazon became more than a “hit” on the set of Soul Surfer. There was always a helping hand whenever Sambazon rolled up, security guards would grip a drink in hand boasting “shakas” and big smiles.

Bethany often drinks açaí smoothies made with Sambazon Pure Açaí Smoothie Packs in the morning before starting her day, and the producers at Soul Surfer, not wanting to miss a beat, chose to incorporate this into their film. Bethany personally set this scene up for the directors and explained how her mom would whip up a couple of smoothies every morning before sending the kids off to school. To get the perfect shot, gallons and gallons of açaí smoothies were blended and drank by the actors and everyone else on the set. You could literally see people turning purple with açaí happiness!

We’re looking forward to an amazing and compelling film, so make sure to check out Soul Surfer in theatres this October!

Sam Custin (Sambazon Hawaii Brand Ambassador)

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