Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pro Surfer Rochelle Ballard’s Surf into Yoga Class at the Nike 6.0 Notel Motel

Surf Into Yoga has been a really unique and exciting passion project. Working with a team, choreographing sequences, scripting, directing, producing, web lay outs, sales, and all kinds of other things that feel a bit foreign yet really interesting and exciting to learn and experience. It’s amazing when a project that is an idea becomes reality.

I’ve been going to classes since I was 19 and experiencing yoga in my life over the years of competing. It has always given me balance, great recovery, focus, and inspiration in my career and personal life. Now that I am not competing I have the privilege of creating, being inspired, inspiring, and sharing my experience of yoga and surfing with people in my community and wherever my slippers, surfboard, and yoga matt take me.

When I came to San Diego, California, Sambazon asked me if I would share some yoga with the crew at the Nike 6.0 Motel No Tell. As excited as I was, I was also a little nervous thinking about guiding a big group on my own through yoga. I’ve done it with friends and at my camps and resent workshops, but with my brother Hoku, and other yogi’s. I made it a point the few days leading into it, to lead yoga with my friends on the tour, like Sofia, Lyndsay, and Beck Woods. I was on the no partying, gotta be on it mode. Of course the night before I went to bed late and was so excited and nervous I could fall asleep for a while. Just like a contest, only way different.

I was up at light with a smile and a cup of Mate headed for the Motel. It was a great turn out, the sun was shining and the class was fun. I had Christa another yoga teacher that works for Sambazon helping to correct postures while I lead the group through restorative hip opening sequences from the DVD and a few core strengthening postures.
It was fun and felt good to share with the group.

I love inspiring people with surfing, yoga, wellness and a light approach to life. Making your body feel good, facing fears, overcoming obstacles, and finding the smile inside that feels good no matter what is going on around you.

The sun was cooking and everyone was happy with a yummy Açaí bowl after the workshop. Nike had the yoga blocks embroidered with Surf Into Yoga on them. What a cool trip! What an amazing thing for all of us to share, thanks to Sambazon and Nike for being so cool! Think I’m gonna like this…feels good to share with people and see a big peaceful smile on there face when they walk away.


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