Monday, January 26, 2009

Sambazon keeping me on the go

My name is Tom Rezvan and I am a sponsored Sambazon surfer from Huntington Beach, CA. I was first introduced to Sambazon Açaí a few years back when visiting a Brazilian friend of mine living in South Beach Miami. I have always cared about my health and have been eating raw live foods that contain high alkaline for years. Up until being introduced to Sambazon Açaí I had been juicing wheatgrass every morning for energy, which can leave a uncomfortable taste in your mouth. But once I tasted Sambazon Açaí for the first time I was I instantly hooked! It is one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world with a great taste! I now blend a shake every morning with Sambazon Pure Açaí packs combined with a banana, soy milk, and whey protein powder. This gives me enough energy to surf for hours! If I am in a hurry and the waves are really good and I don't have time to make a shake... I will grab a bottle of Sambazon and drink it in my car on the way to surf. Either making a shake or drinking a bottle of Sambazon... I know I am getting the proper nutrients to give me the energy for my surf sessions.

Thanks to everyone at Sambazon for bringing this Super Food to the U.S. and keeping everyone healthy.

- Tom

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