Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Written by Mihoko Hakata, illustrator, fine artist, writer, and poet.

The magical word!

I met this wonderful Sambazon smoothie at a Mexican restaurant when we used to live on a sail boat in New York harbor. I was so excited to find this mysterious exotic name in the menu. They had the Sambazon brochure at the counter and I began learning about Sambazon and I’ve been eating it ever since!

Here is my simple tasty recipe for your smoothie:

pure acai frozen smoothie pack (no sugar added)
frozen peaches
frozen blueberries
frozen strawberries

Vary the amount of each ingredient as you like and the key is to put the banana first so that your blender will have an easy start.

Cherish this beautiful purple color... pour into your glass... icy tart freshness on your hot tongue, play with a little bit of sweet chunks, all the goodness into your throat, stomach, then spread into your whole body, even into your tiny veins.

Aaahh... the simple goodness of mother nature!

Acai lover mihoko ;D
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*My dear Jeremy Black asked me to illustrate acai berries for Sambazon a little while ago and here is one of the artworks with me inside! Yes, I love dancing and acai berries make me dance!!

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Mihoko Hakata said...

Thank YOU again so much, Jeremy, for posting this one!! Now I have a news blog as well so I can write a comment :D
mine is http://mihokohakata.blogspot.com/

LOVE Acai!!!
Mihoko ;D

(I had Acai smoothie yesterday as well!!)