Saturday, September 18, 2010

Water Warriors Take the Stage at the Hurley Pro


For the 4th year in a row, we served up açaí bowls at the Hurley Pro. Usually one of the more impressive surf contests at Trestles, this year topped all. Today, Hurly H2O tents sold re-useable water bottles (for $5!) and offered free refills for re-useable water containers. Not a bad deal and a great way to help people make the first step in reducing their use of single use plastics like disposable water bottles. The H20 Project is a collaboration between Hurley, Waves4Water and the Ecology Center to distribute water filters around the world in places of need and raise awareness for water conservation and environmental stewardship locally. This is a really amazing project, and I’m not just saying that because three of our local Orange County Warriors are involved (Jack and Jon Rose founded Waves4Water, and Evan Marks founded the Ecology Center).

Kudos to the Hurley Pro for supporting positive change, it’s just another reason why we keep coming back to this event each year. That, and all the athletes who tell us how grateful they are that Sambazon is there to fuel ‘em up. We think that açaí is the best thing on earth, and we’re suckers for people that think so too.

Thanks Hurley Pro, it was fun, see you all next year.

Team Sambazon

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