Monday, December 21, 2009

Sambazon is a dream come true...

"I am a professional big wave surfer from Brasil and I spend my time between Bahia in the northeast of Brasil and Hawaii. When the waves are small, I farm cacao beans, cattle, milk and I am just starting to plant some açaí.

When I first moved to Hawaii from Brasil 15 years ago, I always dreamed of having açaí there. Hawaii has a healthy sports vibe and without açaí being a part of daily nutrition here, that vibe was incomplete.

Finally, Sambazon showed up and brought açaí to the Hawaiian paradise. As a Sambazon sponsored athlete, I am blessed to be part of this team. When I was a boy in Brasil I had açaí everyday, now being able to have pounds of açaí in my fridge is the best thing in the world. My 5 year old daughter just loves it and I am thrilled to be able to share it with her. I am also very proud to represent such a special company who brings this organic amazing fruit from my home country and the positive, healthy, green and Brasilian vibe that Sambazon is all about."

-written by Danilo Couto

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