Thursday, June 11, 2009

Real Deal Açaí Blog Series: Part 6 - Something for Everybody

Last month I had the pleasure of sampling out some of our new products at Denver’s first ‘Greenfest’. As I stood in front of the booth to make sure our display was dialed in, I couldn’t help but smile to myself about how many awesome products we now have available and how far we’ve come. It all started with our Original Acai Rio Blend and Amazon Cherry frozen smoothie packs in the summer of 2000. Up and down the coast of Southern California, Juice bars, cafés and restaurants made a variety of smoothies and acai bowls using these frozen smoothie packs. People loved the smoothies made from these products and it didn’t take long for the acai bowl experience to catch on too. The success of the frozen smoothie packs in rootsy SoCal eateries led to them being picked up by Whole Foods Market and many of the natural foods stores across the nation.

Thanks to the popularity of the original frozen smoothie packs in natural foods markets, we were able to expand our acai offerings to bottled juices, sorbet pints and freeze dried acai supplements. Now we even offer a line of 32oz (family sized) acai beverages that folks just can’t seem to get enough of the 32oz bottles. I wish my family had a 32oz bottle of acai juice on the breakfast table when I was kid!

In addition to the buzz around the new 32oz, family sized acai beverages; I was amazed at the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our 3 organic energy drinks . Energy drink lovers at Denver Greenfest were so happy to see that they can now look to Sambazon for delicious energy drinks that not only work but are actually organic too! Checkout the new Jungle Love, packed full of aphrodisiac herbs and Diet Amazon Energy which was created utilizing the natural, low calorie sweetener stevia.

I had the pleasure of meeting all kinds of people at Denver Greenfest and it was seriously cool to have ‘something for everybody’. Keep your eyes peeled for even more variety cuz it doesn’t stop here. And now you can find Sambazon products at a rapidly increasing number of conventional supermarkets too! Click here to search our retailer finder for a list of stores near you . Look for more new Sambazon products in 2010. I actually just sampled a couple new top secret products and they were insanely awesome – yeah! And, if you can’t seem to find the Sambazon products you love in the stores where you shop – don’t hesitate to ask the store managers to start stocking our stuff! Let us know if you have any success getting it on the shelf in your local stores, and we’ll send you a little ‘thank you’ just from us!

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