Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Real Deal Açaí Blog Series: Part 5 - Sambazon Versus the Competition

Ok, so here’s the deal... It goes without saying that there are an incredible amount of companies in the açaí game these days. Naturally, each new company does their best to differentiate their açaí product and market its advantages. News articles on Monavie have pointed out that it only contains 20% açaí and is a blend of a large variety of fruit juices. We’ve also learned that one, individual 100g Sambazon smoothie pack (avg. retail price $1.25), has more açaí than an entire $40 bottle of Monavie. The fact of the matter is the more we look into other açaí products, the more we find that this kind of thing isn’t unusual. We’ve of course become familiar with the claims being made by Monavie and others around potency too...

We fell so deeply in love with açaí that we went to the Amazon to find the freshest, most delicious and potent açaí in the world – a kind of pilgrimage to the fruit’s source. When we learned locals made more money selling açaí than non-renewable forest products, we became obsessed by the pursuit of bringing the highest quality açaí products to the world and have spent the last 9 years dialing in our quality driven processing protocols and growing our conservation project. In 2006 we finished building the most beautiful, tricked out, stainless steal açaí factory you can imagine (really, it’s that insanely awesome), in a super remote town, right on the equator, in the middle of the açaí harvest. The factory has more certifications than a Harvard scholar and was built right on the river. The fruit is delivered by boat right to the factory’s dock and immediately processed. Sambazon Açaí products are always completely Organic = no artificial colors, preservatives or GMOs, Fair Trade, Gluten free, Dairy free and Kosher. We offer a wide range of premium açaí products including our Pure Açaí (sugar free) frozen smoothie packs. Rest assured, there is a method to our madness and we’re constantly thinking of ways to increase the value of our customer’s purchase. Please tell us what products you really want us to make for you by contacting us at info@sambazon.com.

NOTE: ALL CANADIANS – Firstly, you guys are cool. Secondly GOOD NEWS, our frozen smoothie packs can be obtained from any natural foods store in Canada. Here’s how: There are two major distributors of natural foods in Canada from which pretty much every natural foods store in Canada orders. Both of these distributors carry Sambazon Açaí smoothie packs. And so, all you have to do is call the natural foods store that is closest to you and tell them you’d like them to order Sambazon Açaí smoothie packs for you. The store may even be willing to pass on a discount to you if you choose to buy by the case! The names of the two distributors are Horizon out of Vancouver and ONFC out of Ontario. Did you know our frozen smoothie packs are the most potent source of açaí of any açaí product available – It’s true! And they’re our favorite way to make real deal açaí bowls and smoothies too!

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Edmund said...

I suppose some may see a company like Sambazon as having a sort of a righteous soul. In reality, an organization is simply a reflection of its founders and principals and in your case, Skanda, your reflection has uncommon beauty and authenticity.
p.s. The public may call you Skanda, but I will continue to call you my fine, dear, Son