Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Real Deal Açaí Blog Series: Part I - The Scammers

Açaí Spam Scams.

Ok, so this whole thing has officially become weird - Just kidding… ok, not really. Are you guys receiving a bunch of uninvited emails from websites offering a FREE TRIAL on açaí supplements that tout weight loss or cleansing benefits? Anyone who’s cultivated a close relationship with açaí knows it’s all about dense nutrition and phytonutrients. To market açaí simply for weight loss is counterintuitive to put it lightly.

Over the last several months’ people have been contacting us asking us to, ‘please stop charging my credit card’. We’ve come to learn of a number of companies who are luring folks into giving them their credit card info under the guise of a free trial. Unbeknownst to the customer, they’re signing themselves up to have their credit card charged for regular, automatic shipments of the product. To make matters worse, un-enrolling from the program can apparently be less than a cakewalk.

* The good news: A thoughtful customer contacted us a few weeks back to tell us that after much time and energy she finally discovered how to un-enroll from the auto-ship program she’d singed up for. She was successfully able to un-enroll via: www.gohelpnow.com.

Although this website worked for one customer, it may not for all. We’ve been gathering information about these companies since this phenomenon began and greatly appreciate any insights you’d be willing to share with us.

• To share your own experience with açaí spam scams, please send an email to me at ed@sambazon.com with a subject line which reads ‘açaí spam scam’. You can also file a complaint with the FTC (fair trade commission) via: http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/cmplanding.shtm

Your Friend,

- e.skanda

The Real Deal Açaí Blog Series is a new posting series written by Ed Nichols nicknamed Skanda, Sambazon Co-Founder and Director of Consumer Relations. Check back every second Tuesday of the month for the latest and greatest insights from Skanda.


Jennifier said...

Hello Ed,
I would like to thank you for posting this information because the FREE TRIAL is all over myspace. With "Oprah" and "Rachel Ray" promoting it all over their shows.
I unfortunately did not do my homework until after the fact and have given them my credit card information.
I was given a certain time frame to call once I received my one month supply to cancel. Hopefully it will go smooth. If not I don't cancel they will charge me somewhere around $80.00 a month.

Just letting you know they got me!

Jennifier Molina

Stephen Cooper said...

Hi E,
I've seen a lot of these scams too. I'm going to pass along the warning to my clients.

countryDawn said...

I did the free trial, I loved the product but noticed that wow they would charge me again. Plus I saw some blogs about it. I shut down my card. I saw no other way because they would not answer me. They said easy to cancel, phone, but they never answer then you get disconnected. I am sure oprah and rachel do not endorse these scams. If they find out about it they will announce on their shows i bet. Dawn in MI

Anonymous said...

"Acai Burn" brand and product - complete fraud...it is not associated with Dr. Memet Oz and the freetrail is not free - they falsely promote their product and charge your credit card absurd amount......they should be put out of business for misleading customers

Robert Baily said...

people should really watch out for those kinds of scams